It had been standing there since April 14 as a painful reminder.  The burned out garage that used to house our business grew uglier and uglier as the months went by.  Sometimes, we would drive by it and sigh.  Other times, we would drive by it and laugh about the changing colors of the burned materials.  No matter what the mood, we always looked.  Every time we drove up the driveway, we looked.  We couldn’t help ourselves.  We had to look.

Today, however, it is gone.  It got torn down this afternoon.  Our constant reminder of a time of turmoil in our lives is gone.  Just like that, it’s gone.  I wonder how long it will take us to stop looking every time we drive by the place where the garage was.  When will grass start to grow there again?  How long will it take for wildflowers to bloom?  When will it happen that no one even thinks about the fire that happened that night?  It probably won’t take long. 

As I thought about the disappearance of the garage today, I realized that this is how life works.  Time heals everything.  It really does.  Something that is so painful eventually goes away, and before you realize it, the pain has disappeared and wildflowers and grass are growing in your heart in the place where the hurt was. 

At first, you think you might die from the pain.   Then, you continue to look back at the pain.  Sometimes, you can face it with a sense of humor.  Other times, you sigh sadly or even tear up.  Then, one day, you wake up and the source of pain has disappeared.  While you might remember it from time to time, it isn’t something you focus on.  Eventually, the wildflowers and grass cover the hurt.

Some of you are hurting right now.  I know it.  I know some of your hurts, but not all of them.  Just know that your hurt will pass.  Soon, you’ll forget, even if for a few minutes, to think about the hurt.  As the days go by, you focus less and less on the burned out garage in your soul.  Then, one day, you’ll drive past that place in your mind and realize the pain is gone, and before you know it, there will be grass and wildflowers where the pain once lived.  I wish you wildflowers soon, but for now, hang on and know that the day is coming.     -Al



11/29/2012 10:23pm

Thank you for this. I definitely look forward to the wildflowers.

07/06/2017 10:32pm

Honestly, I cried after reading your article. It might be because I can relate so much in your situation and the pain you have carried was carried by mine too a long time ago. When you are in that kind of situation, it will make you feel that there's no other option but to end everything. Pain makes us wish for some silly things just because we cannot take it anymore. By the way, your post is so inspiring.

11/29/2012 11:24pm

They're coming! Just hold on!

12/05/2012 4:36am

I'm looking forward to flowers too....thanks for the reminder. :)

12/10/2012 1:08pm

What encouraging thoughts! Thank you, God, for wildflowers!!

05/17/2017 5:49pm

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