Galatians 6:9 says, “So let's not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.”  I used to read that verse and think, “How could I ever get tired of doing good?  I love helping others and changing the world!”  Notice, I said, “Used to.”

There are some of you who are reading this and thinking the same thing.  How could you ever get tired of doing good?  Why would you want to do anything but good?  To you I say, “Bless your little heart.  Just you wait.”

I was young once.  I mean, I’m not old now, but I’m certainly not young.  I’ve got the gray hairs and wrinkles to prove it.  (I also have a teen and a tween reminding me constantly that I’m old.  I’m beginning to believe them.)  I used to love doing for others.  I baked cakes.  I wrote cards.  I visited people in the hospital.  I threw baby showers for them.  I kept their children.  I arranged play days and moms’ teas and Easter egg hunts.  I did all that, and I did it with joy.  Then, life happened. 

Now, I’m doing good just to take care of my own.  I don’t have time to bake a cake.  (Isn’t that what God gave us Publix for?)  I wrote a few cards to people about three months ago, and it took me a month to actually get them in the mail.  I barely make it to the baby showers now; forget planning them!  My children are lucky to get an Easter basket, and I certainly can’t manage to plan a hunt for anyone else.

What happened?  Well, honestly, I wonder that myself.  Life seemed to just speed up and take over.  What I do know is that it is much harder to do good now.  I just don’t have the time, and I’m tired.  Really tired.  Like, if I sit still, I fall into a coma, tired.  Now I get it.  I know why we are warned not to grow weary.  It is easy to do so, especially during times of struggle and times of busyness.

There are seasons of life, and we are all in different seasons.  I believe that some seasons are meant for you to do good and other seasons are meant for you to reap the benefits of the good you did.  What do I mean by that?  Well, I’ll try to explain.

As I told you, when I was a younger mother, I baked cakes, cooked meals and helped others in various ways.  I visited, I prayed, I wrote and I served.  I did not grow weary in doing good.  In fact, I thrived on doing good, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

As things in life changed, I grew tired and weary; not necessarily weary of doing good…just weary.  There were circumstances in my life that did not allow me to bake and cook and help and serve.  I still really wanted to, but there just wasn’t time or money for that.  We had several years of one disaster after another.  (Not horrible disasters.  Many people have it much worse than we do.  However, life got difficult.)  Instead of me helping others, people began to help and serve me.  It was very humbling.  When I would say to people that I was humbled (and embarrassed) by their help, over and over, people would say, “You deserve it.”  I did not feel that I did, and I still don’t know that “deserve” is the right word.  I deserve nothing (and neither do you).  We are all blessed by God.

Several times, as people were helping me, they would say, “Remember when you helped me clean my house?”  “Remember when you brought that meal to me after my surgery?” “Remember when you hosted that baby shower for my daughter?”  Honestly, I did not remember most of the things people told me.  I wasn’t keeping score.  I never expected “pay back,” so I did not remember what I did.  The verse says, “At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don't give up.”  I believe, in one way, I have reaped a harvest of blessing because of the good I did. 

I am not saying this to glorify myself.  I am not great, and there are many, many people who have done much more than I could ever dream of.  I am saying that to tell you this:  As much as you are able to do good, do it.  If you have time, use it to do good.  If you have money, use it to help others.  There will be a time in your life when you are not able and you do not have time or money.  Chances are, whether you do good now or not, someone will take care of you.  They will do good, even if you never did.  However, why not “bank” some good now?  That’s better than any retirement plan you can invest in!  By doing good for others, you are planting seeds that you may one day need to harvest.  You may need others to take care of you, do for you and bless you.  Why not take care of others, do for others and bless others now?

The bigger picture of this verse is heaven.  If we do not get tired of doing good now, think of our reward in heaven!  I want to be there, and I want to hear God say, “Well done.  Alison.” (He probably won’t call me “Al.”)  I want to hear Him say, “You did well with what I gave you.”  Don’t you want to hear Him say that too?  Don’t give up now!  If you are struggling, yours is just a little struggle in the grand scheme of things.  Keep on doing good, and your reward will be great!

If you are in a season of life where you have no good to give, receive the good that others are blessing you with.  Thank them and praise God!  Make sure you aren’t sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.  A pity party is a party of one, and that’s no fun!  Do not grow weary of doing good.  As soon as you are able, get to work doing good!  Even if it is something small, it will make you feel better.  I promise, and better yet, God promises.            -Al



03/19/2017 5:58am

This was an awesome read!There are seasons of life, and we are all in different seasons. I believe that some seasons are meant for you to do good and other seasons are meant for you to reap the benefits of the good you did.


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