So many times in this great world of ours, people tend to paint the best picture possible of their lives, their talents and themselves.  Think about it. 

When you were asked to send in a photo for your high school alumni book, did you send them the photo your 8 year old shot of you at the beach when you were cramming that sandwich in your mouth, or did you send the airbrushed, professionally-made photo from 9 years ago, before that 8 year old gave you baby fat?  You know what you did.

When you were asked to write a little biography of yourself for the PTA newsletter, did you tell about how your house had ants in the kitchen and hair in the bathroom, or did you tell about the doctorate that you earned in rocket science that you haven’t used since you graduated? You know what you did.

When you wrote that ever-annoying Christmas newsletter (it’s true...most of us find it annoying), did you tell about how many times your precious, pierced, tattooed child was caught skipping school, or did you tell how he made an A+ in Chemistry (without mentioning the F– in Algebra)?  You know what you did.

It’s true, and you know it.  We all do it.  We want to show our best.  We want the world to believe that we are perfect, our lives are perfect, and our families are perfect.  Well, I, for one, am sick of it!  I can’t be perfect.  It just isn’t in my genes.  I tried, briefly, in the late 90s to maintain that image.  It didn’t work out very well for me.  So, I am a sweet potato...I yam what I yam.  Like me or lump me.

I think some people are scared of me.  I think some people don’t know how to take me.  I think some people don’t like me because I remind them of all the bad things they have going on.  But, I am me, and that’s all I’m going to be. (Hey!  I’m a poet!)

You should try it with me.  It’s very liberating.  Just be you.  Give it a try.  You may find that you like you, just the way you are!  And, you may find that the people who really matter will like you better.  More than anything, you will find that it takes a whole lot less energy to just be you.  Why, you can even go to the store, *GASP* without make-up.  Try it…

It always amuses me when people say they like me because I’m so real.  I chuckle because I don’t really know how to take that.  I guess I should be happy to know that I am not pretend!  Come, be not pretend with me.  It’s great being real.   



02/02/2017 7:26am

I never imagined about the life of a sweet potato, but you nailed it. Everything in this world is interconnected to each other. I wonder how you think all these things along the busy life.


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