My husband, Mr. Everything, is a smart cookie.  Really, he is.  Though his grades in school did not reflect it, he has an incredible memory.  He also is incredibly sensible and methodical.  That’s why I call him “Mr. Everything.”  He can fix anything, and he usually knows everything (and when he doesn't, he's pretty good at faking it).  He is amazingly talented and smart and funny and kind and wonderful.  That’s why he is Everything.  We complement each other so well.  He’s logicial and organized, and I’m, well….artsy.

So, here is what I am asking myself.  When Mr. Everything tells me to back up my files on the computer, why don’t I listen?  (Insert image of me kicking myself in the butt here.  Yeah, like I could be flexible enough to do that.)  I had files, beautiful files, including many articles for you, my friends, to read and relish. (Okay.  Maybe not relish, but you could read them anyway!)  Where were they?  On my thumb drive.  Where are they now?  Still on my thumb drive that is no longer working.  *Sigh.*  Why didn’t I listen.  (Another kick.)

Here’s what you need to do.  Think of the best blog article you can come up with.  Right now.  Do it.  I’ll wait.  Type it in your brain.  I’m waiting…  Does it look good?  Check the they’re, their and there’s.  I will not tolerate incorrect usage.  I am an editor, you know.  Is the article finished?  Good.  Give me credit for it.  See, I’m a good writer, right?  I wrote just what you wanted to hear.  Yay me!  Maybe tomorrow I can com up with something equally as fabulous!        -Al



It is very sad to see that your articles are gone. You should have listened to the words of advice. However, life is like that. Sometimes we try to ignore the most sensible of things.


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