Recently, a friend of mine went to the gas station and found an envelope taped to the pump.  Inside was a $20 bill with a note explaining that the giver wanted to do 30 random acts for her 30th birthday.  How awesome is that?

In a world where it’s “all about me,” it is refreshing to see someone thinking about others, especially for her own birthday!  I’m about to hit the big 4-0 in December, and I want to follow this person’s lead.  The best part of random acts is that the generosity spreads through others.  I plan to do 40 random acts to celebrate my big day.  I can’t decide whether to try to do 40 acts of kindness on the actual day, within the week or within the month.  Since it will be Christmas season, I already will be so busy I can’t see straight.  I’ll probably be lucky to get them done in a month!

I’ve had a hard time thinking of random acts to do.  I can’t afford to leave $20 bills all over town.  I’m not made of money, you know. (This is what I tell my kids all the time, but they aren’t listening.)  I need random acts that will not cost money or at least not much money.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Throw them at me!  I’m anxious to hear what you come up with.    -Al



Amy Pacheco
11/24/2012 12:20am

IMO, there is no kinder act then taking time out to pray for someone. Pick different people in your life. Choose one a day. In the morning email or private message them & let them know every time you see a bicycle, or hear a car horn ( I don't know pick something) you are going to pray for them. It always means a lot to me knowing that someone cares enough to pray for me

11/24/2012 12:23am

Great idea!

11/24/2012 12:50am

You make awesome chocolate chip scones! Leave a few on someone's doorstep. If it's my doorstep - make sure you can spend time to visit - I miss your smiling face and can't believe you will finally become an adult. You also make great and original cards that just make people smile.

11/24/2012 8:38am

I gave my mother 40 carnations on my 40th. You could give out 40 flowers in your travels. You could pay 40 people's tolls on a toll road or sit at Dunkin Donuts and buy 40 people donuts while you work LOL.

11/24/2012 9:26am

These are great! Keep 'em coming!

Denise, I remember baking in a past life. When I had time. And I cared.

Joyce, What makes you think I would be working? (Okay. I almost typed that with a straight face!)

11/25/2012 2:00pm

Clear of the counters, grab an apron and get started! One scoop at a time :) Better yet, come to my house and we'll have tea and scones like the good old days.

11/25/2012 12:13pm

You could help elderly people to their cars from the grocery store....
You could volunteer to take a child during church so a mom and dad could actually sit and listen to the sermon....
Rake leaves in a neighbors yard....
Call and wish someone a blessed day....

I'm still thinking....;)

11/25/2012 2:50pm

Your sense of humor is such a joy to many. I read where a man did his acts of kindness by making people laugh. One friend told of the man, not known to her, who struck up a conversation with her while they were both pumping gas at the gas station. She tried to ignore him but he wouldn't allow it, continuing to talk to her. He told her a joke and when he got her to laugh and respond to him with more than grunts, he said "1 down and 2 to go - my goal is to make three people laugh today:.That can be you. You can talk to anyone about anything, I do believe. Have fun coming up with a plan.

11/25/2012 3:17pm

I'm on board with all of these except the raking of the leaves. That ain't happenin'! My niceness has its limits! :0)

03/03/2017 2:30am

Happy birthday is beautiful moments for us and we want to make memorable time for our life. Parents should make the plans for parties and gifts is sign of love. Life is gift of God and try to spend with love and respect.


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