It all started as such a good idea.  Really, it did.  I have such nice memories of baking with my kids when they were smaller.  That was back before we owned the business and back when I had time to do fun things and even breathe every now and then.  Last month, I made a pledge to myself that this Christmas was not going to sneak by without proper preparation and celebration.  I was not going to let another year go by without creating happy memories with my kids.  Too many years have been wasted because of running a retail pottery business and working non-stop, and by golly, this year was going to be different.  Fast forward a month, and here we are, eight days before Christmas.  My tree is still in storage.  There are no decorations in my house.  We haven’t done the cute little advent calendar that lets my kids find a piece of candy each day.  I have bought and wrapped some presents, but I’m nowhere close to being finished.  Christmas is about to be over, and I haven’t even started!

Today, the day after I returned from a week-long vacation and when I have been buried under a pile of laundry all day, I decided to create memories with my kids.  Yeah.  That was a great idea.  See, tomorrow, I have a work Christmas party to go to.  Gifts aren’t necessary, but I, being Superwoman, wanted to make a little something for my co-workers.  I thought about it and decided chocolate dipped pretzels would be easy and fun, and my kids could help me.  Uh-huh.

I bought the stuff this morning.  I already had bought the cute little buckets that I planned to put the pretzels in.  It was going to be so precious.  My children would thank me for creating everlasting memories with them.  (Hey!  It could happen.)

I should mention here that, on top of trying to keep the laundry going, I have been slammed with work all day.  I kept telling the Goose to let me finish a few more reports and we would get started.  The Beetle had no interest in dipping pretzels, so my only hope of creating memories was on the Goose’s little shoulders.

It started out okay.  I began melting white chocolate in one pan and milk chocolate in another.  I called the Goose to come help me, and she came in with an ice pack on her hand.  She had made gift tags to go on the cute little buckets earlier today and had burned herself on the glue gun in the process.  I knew about the burn, but it had not hindered her from doing other activities that she wanted to do all day.  However, it became a huge handicap right in time to help me.

I had two pots of chocolate melting, and I was trying to maintain them both at once.  By this point, I was beginning to snap when speaking to the Goose.  I asked her if she could at least help me dip them.  Oh, the joyful memories!  We were working in about 3 square inches of space (Single wide trailer, remember?).  I had cooling racks stacked.  I managed to get one rack in the refrigerator, and I was dipping pretzels to go on the other rack.  The Goose had given up because she couldn’t dip the pretzels one-handed and left-handed.  She was watching the Disney channel.  (By the way, do they only have 2 episodes of every show?  I swear I’ve seen that same story 37 times in the last month.) 

I called her over and asked her to help me.  We were going to sprinkle little M&M’s onto the chocolate so they would stick.  It worked in the magazine.  In real life, the M&M’s slid down the chocolate and onto the counter.  The Goose left again after she ate the M&M’s off the counter.  I called her back to drizzle the colored chocolate on top.  She left again.  A great time was had by all.

Then, without thinking, I turned on the microwave.  That would have been fine if I hadn’t had the electric fondue pot plugged in and turned on.  All at once, the room went dark, and (halleluiah!) the TV turned off.  I had tripped the breaker.  While trying to wipe off my chocolate-covered hands so I could flip the switch, I knocked the whole cooling rack off the 3 inches of counter space and onto the floor.  The dog just stood there and looked at it, because of course, he wouldn’t eat it.  Good times.

The Goose had disappeared completely.  The Beetle had never been seen in the first place.  I threw away the pretzels that fell on the floor and started over with what I had left.  I finished the pretzels and prepared the cute little buckets to put them in.  As I was finishing up, I realized I was one bucket short.  I forgot one person who does not normally work in the office.  That means, now I either have to run to (don’t say it) Wal-mart (NOOOO!!!!) tomorrow morning or I can’t give these stupid little buckets to anyone.  Maybe I'll just throw them away and call it a day.  First, of course, I have a kitchen floor to mop and chocolate covered dishes to wash.

I’m so glad I had this chance to create joyful memories with my children.  Maybe tomorrow we can make Christmas cards together.   -Al



12/17/2012 9:41pm

Nice - We had ours last night - I kept her up until midnight making those lovely cookies. I am sure that was SO MUCH more important than the math test she had today, don't you ;) Let's just say - the award for "Mom of the Year' is going to be a close call again this year :)

12/17/2012 9:55pm

Well, I'm in the running, my friend. Don't count that prize as yours just yet!

Wendy- the usually aforementioned sister
12/18/2012 7:35pm

Welcome to my life! I haven't started shopping or making teachers gifts, or coworkers gifts, or........ Can we postpone Christmas this year?

12/18/2012 8:58pm

I'm campaigning for Christmas in July. Think of the deals we could get at the after-Christmas sales!

12/12/2016 11:40am

Nice to learn about your Christmas memories. Christmas is one of the most special times of the year and if you don't make good memories, you're missing out the good in life. Me and my family have made some good memories this year as well.


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