So, here it is folks...the much anticipated (not really) world (my website) premier of the first chapter of my book.  Enjoy it, because this may be all you get for a while.  At this rate, the book will be finished in the year 2020, but at least I have it started. (Baby steps...baby steps...)  The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Take a deep breath, because I know you're excited...Here it is:

Not Your Average Beginning

I’ve always joked that I fell in love with the top of his head.  It’s not really true.  I didn’t even like him back then.  Mr. Everything and I had geometry class together.  He was a senior.  I was a sophomore.  He had given up on geometry because of the terrible teacher we had, so he spent most of his time asleep on his desk.  I really did see the top of his head more than I saw his face.

We sat across the room from each other.  I would have never met him if it hadn’t been for our mutual friend, Rose.  You see, while I had no interest whatsoever in him, Rose had been in love with Mr. E for years.  She already knew he was Everything.  I did not.  She had their children named and their lives planned.  It was just a matter of getting him on board.

I was learning to drive, and I was so excited about it.  I would rush into second period and excitedly tell Rose about my driving experience of the day.  She patiently listened to me.  She was a good friend.  I drove the same streets everyday.  The driving adventure did not vary much from morning to morning, but she always listened and acted happy for me.  I would find her over at Mr. E’s desk.  Of course, she was there, because she wanted to talk to him.  I would talk excitedly, and he would roll his eyes.  He was a Senior with a capital S, and he had THE Firebird, his very own car.  He paid for it, and it was candy apple red.  He was way too cool for me, and he made sure to let me know.

Sometimes, during class, I would feel eyes on me.  I would look back, and he would be glaring at me.  Come to find out later, those were his flirting eyes.  No wonder he wasn’t taken.  He had no idea how to flirt.  Of course, neither did I.  I had never even kissed a boy or been on a real date, so I didn’t know the difference.  The idea that Mr. E liked me never even crossed my mind.  I figured he thought I was a stupid little girl.  I didn’t spend much time thinking about him, because I wasn’t really that interested in boys.  I was only fifteen.  I figured I had plenty of time.

For months, Rose would talk to me about Mr. E.  We shared three classes together.  One was geometry, where we got to see the Mr. live and in person.  Then, we had American History and Chemistry together.  Good times, good times.  Rose would pass her time between classes by looking at a photo of Mr. E.  She really was obsessed.  Before Chemistry, she would say, “Look at his eyes.  Aren’t they beautiful?”  I would give the picture a precursory glance and answer with, “Uh-huh,” or something equally as engaging.  I don’t know why Rose was nice enough to listen to my driving stories because I certainly did not listen to her banter about her undying love for Mr. E.  She was so interested in him, and he did not give her the time of day.  When he did talk to her, he picked on her and was not nice at all.  I have no idea why she did not tell him to go jump off a bridge.  I’m pretty sure I would have.  Maybe that’s why I had never had a boyfriend.

In the summer after my sophomore year, Rose invited me to church.  I walked in the first day and found Mr. Everything in all his glory.  He still did not speak to me and glared at me when looking at me.  (He really did need to look in the mirror and practice his facial expressions.)  For the months of June and July, I continued going to church with Rose.  Sunday mornings quickly turned into Sunday nights and Wednesday nights too.  I started going to activities with the youth group, and I was having a great time.  I slowly became friends with Mr. E.  His friend, Micah, was visiting the church, too.  Mr. E, Micah, Rose and I would go out to eat together, and we would ride in THE Firebird.  Rose and I would be in the back seat with the boys up front.  If we tried to talk to them, they would turn the radio up louder and louder until we finally gave up.  They were such charmers.  Micah was single, too, in case you couldn’t guess that.

Somehow, somewhere, my feelings for Mr. E began to change.  We were friends.  I liked him, and my heart fluttered a little when I saw him.  I did not really consider the possibility of dating him though.  He was 18 and had graduated.  He was practically a man, and I was just a little girl in my mind.  I noticed that he was just a little nicer to me than he was to Rose.There was a group of us who began to hang out together.  Mr. E, Micah, Rose and I went out quite often with Mr. E’s ex-girlfriend, Kaye, and a few other friends.  It was comfortable, and we were all just friends.   (Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the Beginning.  I didn't want to bore you completely in one day...)  -Al



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