What you see here is a real, bona fide photo of our very first date.  My mother insisted on taking a picture.  At the time, I was horrified.  Now, I'm really glad to have it.  I plan to embarrass the Beetle in the same way, as soon as he gets a girl to go out with him.  (Hopefully, I won't scare her off.)

I actually like my hair in this picture, but what was I wearing???  Did I actually wear a pseudo-business suit on my first date?  The boy must have really liked me for me, because it wasn't for my fashion sense!

Anyway, the continuation of yesterday's tale:

On August 22, 1988, we all went to the Magic Kingdom at Disney World with the youth group.  We rode on the church bus.  Micah did not go; I’m not sure why.  Our group for the day was Mr. Everything, Rose, Kaye and me.  It quickly became obvious that the three of us were vying for the attention of Mr. E.  The day quickly became pretty funny.  Imagine it.  Three girls who all wanted to sit by Mr. Everything were trying to be cordial to each other.  What started as a polite rivalry developed into us shoving each other out of the way to sit by him on rides.  What was even better was that, somehow, Mr. Everything was completely oblivious to the whole thing! 

Kaye bought a stupid huge sombrero with her name embroidered on it.  After about 5 minutes, she somehow convinced the Mr. to carry it for her.  He wore her hat with her name on it.  That’s when the tides turned for Kaye.  Rose and I quickly agreed that SHE was not going to get him.  Period.  Rose and I worked together and took turns sitting by Mr. Everything while very effectively keeping Kaye away from him.  SHE was not going to win.

I ended up getting to sit in front of Mr. Everything on Space Mountain.  This was before they renovated the ride, and riders sat together with the person in front leaning back on the person behind them.  I got to lean against him.  I was pretty sure that in the dark, he touched my hip.  It may have been dark in that ride, but there were fireworks going off in my mind.  At that point, I knew I had to have him as my own.  Those other girls couldn’t win because I liked this boy, and I wanted to spend every minute with him.

As the day progressed, Mr. Everything showed me more and more attention.  The other girls tried to pull him away from me, but it didn’t work.  He even made Kaye carry her own stupid sombrero.  It was a happy day.

As we were leaving the park, poor Rose was not feeling well.  She had sun poisoning from a hot, Florida day, and she grew seasick on the ferry ride back to the parking lot.  I don’t think she even finished explaining that she didn’t feel good before I cut her off with, “Oh.  Okay.  I’ll give you the whole bus seat to yourself.  I’ll find somewhere else to sit so you can lie down.”  It just so happened that there was an empty seat by Mr. Everything, so I sacrificed myself by sitting there.  In the dark on the bus ride home, we ended up holding hands.  I was over the moon!  I really, really liked this boy.  I’m not sure when my feelings switched from indifference to strong like, but they did.  We held hands all the way back to the church building.  His hand was sweaty, and so was mine, and it was great.

When we got back to the church, I went home with Rose to spend the night at her house.  In her room, I told her about the hand holding.  I felt bad.  I really did, because I knew she loved this boy with all her heart.  I never meant to steal him from her, and I could not even explain how or why it had happened.  I just knew that I wanted to talk to him and see him and learn about him more than I wanted to take my next breath.  As I bounced on Rose’s bed to try to release some of the adrenaline in my system, I told her that I liked him.  I gave a weak offer that, if she didn’t want me to go out with him, I wouldn’t.  I wanted to mean it, but I really didn’t.  There was nothing that would stop me from loving this boy.  Rose wisely said she knew she could not stand between us.  She reminded me (and it was true) that she was not dating him and that he had shown no interest in her.  She said we would still be friends and that I had her blessing to go out with him.  She was a good friend.    

I hope you've enjoyed this little glimpse into my story.  I currently have about 4 more chapters written, but I have to save them!  I hope, one day, I'll have my whole story written.  It's just really hard to get it written, because I'm currently still living it.  Maybe when I die, I'll get it all done! :0)  -Al



Wendy C
01/10/2013 8:42pm

That is such a cute picture of the two of you on your first date. Absolutely thank your mother for snapping the picture. Smart woman. How did she know that years later you would need it for your "book'? Can't wait to read more.

01/11/2013 1:16am

That is a REALLY cute picture! You must finish the story! I was looking for this tonight.

Amanda Bodie
01/11/2013 9:01am

I am loving your story and like Lola and Wendy I was looking for it. You are a wonderful story teller!!

01/11/2013 10:49am

Spoiler alert...We grow up and have 2 crazy kids! :0)

03/17/2017 7:17pm

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