The follow up to my story is not pretty.  Literally.  This is what the back of my precious Suburban looks like now.

The original plan to temporarily fix the Suburban was that I was supposed to get a heavy duty piece of clear plastic and some black duct tape from Ace Hardware on my way home from the Beetle's baseball practice.  Unfortunately, as if the universe was working against me, Ace had closed ten minutes earlier than scheduled when we arrived there at 7:50 PM.  Mr. E said he would come up with something else, and I knew he would.

Soon after I posted my story last night about the attack of the tree, Mr. Everything called me outside.  He said he had fixed my window.  He could hardly say it while keeping a straight face.  I knew I was in trouble.

I walked to the back of the Suburban (and glared at the tree as I looked in its direction).  When I turned and looked at the window, I had to laugh.  Mr. E had taken a piece of wood-grain siding from a trailer and had duct taped it to the back door where the window once was.  It was beautiful, as you can imagine.  I thought he was serious about leaving it, so I just tried to look at the bright side.  Then, I realized there was no bright side, so I went back inside.

The Mr. was out there for a while and then called me back out.  He had taken silver air conditioning tape and created a make-shift cover for the window.  Somehow, he painted it black.  I don't know how, and I haven't asked.  However, when you get close to it, you can see black over-spray on the edge of the tape.  

It's not pretty, but I guess it's better than wood-paned siding.  (I really should have gotten a picture of that.)

I've jokingly considered adding a "donate now" button to my blog page so we can buy a new door for the Suburban.  Maybe some kind soul would take pity on us with our black-air -conditioning-tape-window and send a donation.  (Hey!  Why not!  I once heard of a college student who paid off her credit card debt by asking for donations on a blog.  Of course, she probably had prettier legs than I do, but still... It could work!)  I figure there are about 10 of you who actually read my blog.  So by my calculations, if everyone donates $40, I'll have a new door by next week!  You don't mind, do you?  Of course you don't.  Get out those checkbooks...I even take credit! :0)  -Al



02/11/2013 11:31am

Alison, My husband works at Brandon Auto Salvage. You can probably get a really good deal on a new door from them. My sister is going there today for a new bumper. Her husband and a friend from their Sunday school class decided to both back out of their parking spots at the same time. lol But we always get anything we need from the cars from there. Much cheaper.

02/11/2013 11:39am

Thanks! Mr. E said they are already on his list to call. He has been checking salvage yards online.

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