Boba = Happiness


I’m convinced that too much of my happiness depends on food or drinks.  Would that be considered an eating disorder?  Let’s call it “Happiness in Enjoying Food and Eating Richly Syndrome,” or “HEFERS” for short.   See?  I can’t help the fact that I’m fat.  I have HEFERS.

Really, though, it is amazing how happy a simple food or beverage can make me.  A Starbucks coffee may cost me $37.50 (or something like that), but it might just be worth it for the mood enhancement it provides.  A little bit of chocolate can make all the difference in the world, and if you buy me Teavana tea, I’m over the moon.

Today, I had one of my favorites, boba tea.  Just saying the name makes me happy.  Try it with me.  “Boba tea.”  Now, don’t you feel better?

You might be wondering what boba tea is.  It’s a little peace of heaven in a cup.  To be more specific, it is tea with things floating in it.  It actually is sweetened iced tea with milk mixed in and tapioca beads in the bottom of the cup.  That way, as you drink, you get the tapioca beads in your mouth.  It’s like sucking gummy bears through a straw.

Many years ago, my friend’s son would always mix his sweet tea with chocolate milk.  He ordered it this way in restaurants when we went out to eat.  I used to be so disgusted by that, and his parents always told me not to knock it until I tried it.  I never tried it back then, but I have now seen the error of my ways.

If you are thinking cold tea with milk mixed in is gross, you are wrong.  It’s actually really, really good.  It gives the tea a creamy mouth-feel.  I haven’t tried chocolate milk, but my general theory in life is that chocolate always makes things better.  I would bet chocolate milk mixed with sweet tea would be good too.  Maybe I’ll try the chocolate boba tea next time.

If you’ve never tried boba tea and you are having a bad day, you should give it a try.  I sent the Mr. a text earlier that said, “Boba = Happiness.”  He didn’t even question it, because he knew what I meant.  I’m not sure if it’s the caffeine, or if it’s just that I’m doing something nice for myself, but boba tea brings me joy.

If you live near Tampa, you should go to Green Island Frozen Yogurt and Tea Bar at 10047 E Adamo Dr (behind Hooters and McDonald’s).  They can hook you up with some boba.  I will say, if you are there, though, don’t look at the posters.  Their posters always make me angry, because they say yogurt is the “perfect compliment.”  It’s not.  It’s the “perfect complement.”  (These things bother me.  Just ask my kids how to spell “dining.”  They know, because they hear me scream it at the restaurant every time we pass the sign that says “dinning.”) 

When I’m in Green Island, I just don’t make eye contact with the posters, so I won’t get angry.  Or, if I accidentally look at them, I drink my boba, and I feel better.  -Al



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