Some of you know, and some you don’t, that we are moving to Florida Bible Camp in High Springs, Florida.  To sum it up, I am moving to the middle of the woods, down a 2 mile dirt road, in the middle of nowhere.  Call me crazy. (Just don’t call me average.)  I’m not really the woodsy type, but I am really excited about this move.

The camp has all the things I don’t like:  snakes, ticks, spiders, bugs and creepy crawlies in various and sundry shapes and sizes.  Why am I excited?  I really have no idea why. 

Okay, that’s not really true.  I have a few ideas of why I’m excited.  One reason is for my blog.  Imagine the possibilities!  Hopefully, my living on 200 acres will provide many opportunities for funny things to happen.  Hopefully, too, these funny things will not involve me screaming and running away (although I’m willing to do that for you, my readers, if it brings you entertainment).

I’m also excited because it seems like I always learn something new in the woods.  We have been at the camp for about 30 hours, and there are already some things I’ve learned including:

1. The Goose can rake leaves.  She volunteered to do this.  If I had told her to, it would have turned into an hour-long hissy fit that ended with yelling and threats from me.  However, because she decided to do it on her own, she raked for a good hour without complaint.

2. Mr. E can use a blower and move leaves a whole lot faster than the Goose can rake them.

3. The Goose will quit raking after she has been shown how quickly a blower can work.  It doesn’t matter whether or not her part is done.

4. It is very, very quiet in the woods, until the Goose is nearby.  Then, she just talks and talks and talks.  We’re going to have to work on that whole idea of “quiet time.”  Do you think I could convince my kids that naps are mandatory once we move?  Probably not.

5. Pepe Chihuahua falls out of the back of the mule, the camp’s ATV, easily.

6. Pepe Chihuahua really does not like the mule.

7. There are a lot of spiders in the woods.

8. There are a lot of skinks near our house.  While they are beautifully rainbow colored, I hope they keep their colorful little selves out of my house.  If not, the screaming and running away will begin.

9. The front porch swing has magical powers.  As much as I want to work, I keep getting drawn to the swing.  Sitting there, listening to the birds, is wonderful.

10. Fresh air makes me hungry.

11. I like Nilla wafers.  Okay.  I did not just learn that last part, but the box is looking at me right now.  It’s calling my name, but I shall resist.  I shall resist.  I didn’t resist earlier, but I shall resist.                     -Al



03/21/2013 12:36am

So true about the porch swing!!! I really want one! Maybe I should come sit in yours!

03/21/2013 9:48pm

You can come sit with me and eat some of my Nilla wafers!

02/26/2017 7:06am

Nature will teach many thing about living. I think this is a new experience to you. There is a big difference between living a town or a city and living in an interior place far from the city.


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