Day three of Mongoose Watch:  Today, Mr. E and I ventured up the hills to see the mongoose (Mongooses?  Mongeese? Mongeeses?) again.  I must say I am completely creeped out by them.  I don’t like ferrets, because their movements remind me of snakes.  (The mental illness runs deep here, people.  Don’t try to understand it.)  So, now, I don’t like mongooses because they remind me of ferrets which remind me of snakes.

Although I don’t like them, I am fascinated by them.  They are everywhere, and they are sneaky!  They slink around in the trees nearby as we walk through.  The good news is, because I’m so distracted by them, I am not obsessed with the very assertive birds that are overhead.

Mr. Everything wanted to feed a mongoose.  There was a leftover pepper on the table we sat at, so he threw it to a mongoose.  It slinked out, smelled the pepper and turned around and ran.  You see, mongooses are carnivores.  They don’t want peppers.  Mr. E wanted to feed it a hot dog, but I wouldn’t let him.  I told him that was probably the Antigua version of tourists feeding the seagulls.  I hate it when tourists feed the seagulls!  Why, oh why must they feed the seagulls??  So, I didn’t want to be THOSE tourists.  Besides, I didn’t have another $220 for him to see the doctor after the little critter bit his finger instead of the hot dog.  He has thick fingers that look sort of like hot dogs, you know.  I’m pretty sure he hasn’t given up on the idea of feeding the mongeese.  I’m going to have to keep an eye on him…

I must say I had grown accustomed to the mongeeses and wasn’t quite so creeped out by them until I saw one eating.  I don’t know what it was eating, but man, did that thing have a lot of sharp little teeth!  It was ripping whatever it was apart.  It was just plain nasty.

When we came back down from the hills, we found something even rarer than the elusive mongoose.  We saw the Goose and the Beetle getting along and playing together.  We tried not to move too quickly or make eye contact, because we didn’t want to startle them.  Instead, we stood back and watched as they played ping pong as a team against two employees.  It was a beautiful sight, and just like that (snap), it was gone.  They went back to the bickering and disagreeing that we have come to expect.  Maybe if we go up in the hills again, the unity will return.  You never know.  Stranger things have happened.

Tonight, we are getting dressed up for the obligatory fancy dinner and family photo.  We are all so excited about that, as you can well imagine.  We not really the dress-up type of family, but for the sake of the report, it must be done.  I’m not counting on a smile from the Beetle for the photo.  I’ve already seen him smile once today.  To expect it again would be asking too much from any teenage boy.  I’ll settle for a non-snarl.  Maybe I’ll tell him to make a mongoose face and see what happens. 

By the way, the good news is, I was actually able to post a photo from our resort in Antigua.  This is the view from the little barbecue place at the top of the hills (where the mongeeses hang out.)  The bad news is, this photo is from Mr. E's phone because he still hasn't set mine up to upload.  Grrrr...      -Al



I don't think anyone can hate mongoose as there are very much adorable and it's fun too feed them. By this post its clear that you people had a great day . I wish next time you enjoy feeding the mongoose and enjoy your trip.


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