Here are a few random observations I've made while in Antigua:

1. The employees here aren’t nearly as friendly as those in Jamaica.  I think it’s because they don’t have the catch phrase, “Yeah, mon,” to make them happy.

2. There are a lot of British people in Antigua.  I just thought Busch Gardens in Tampa was the place for Brits to hang out in April.  Little did I know that the other half of their country was vacationing in Antigua.

3. British people are very pale.

4. I should have been British.

5. Tan flab is more attractive than pale flab.

6. The person who invented the phrase, “I’m bored,” was probably a 15 year old boy.

7. The person who invented that phrase should have been slapped by his mother and probably was.

8. A mongoose has very sharp teeth.

9. I think I have a new animal fear.

10. It is amazing to me how many people spend thousands of dollars to travel to a beautiful beach and end up sitting by the pool.

11. No matter how close to the equator I am, my head still hurts when it’s about to rain.

12. Birds and cats add a sense of excitement to any fine dining experience.

13. Birds can easily open sugar packets with their beaks.

14. Birds like sugar.

15. My head hurts worse when climbing stairs or hills.   

16. My blog would have a whole lot more value if I could actually post photos from my trip.

17. My husband works on his own time table when setting up things on my new phone.

18. I am an abundantly patient wife.

And now, you have had a glimpse of how my brain operates on vacation.  -Al



04/18/2013 11:28pm

My head hurts when it is about to rain too! It is amazing how much we have in common!

04/19/2013 12:03am

Yes, I'm more accurate than the weather man! :0)

07/09/2016 2:35am

The posted random observations are little bit funny to read. You good sense of humor and have great mind set to observe anything around the place.

11/30/2016 2:47pm

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11/30/2016 2:51pm

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