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Well, let me just say that I did not mean to depress everyone with yesterday's posting!  I thought it was a funny little story.  I did not know that I would move y'all to tears, and I told you upfront not to feel sorry for me!  There's nothing to feel sorry about...I live in a beautiful place where I'm surrounded by nature, and I have a front porch swing.  I can drink coffee on my front porch while I work.  Life is good!

I'm sorry for being a Debbie Downer.  Oh, wait.  Sorry, Debbie.  That's offensive, isn't it?  Okay, how about, sorry for being Afflictive Al.  (Hey.  Don't judge me.  YOU try to find a synonym for "depressing" that starts with an A.)  I did not mean to make anyone think I was unhappy or depressed or lonely.  I'm not, most of the time.  I just had a few bad hours, but I bounce back pretty easily.  Life on a roller coaster has taught me to embrace the bumps.  So, to prove to you all that I am, indeed, okay, and to prevent you from worrying about me further, I thought I'd tell you about some of the benefits of living in the woods in North Florida.

Now, you wouldn't think having to drive 2 miles down this dirt road would be a positive, and in some ways, it's not.  It's bumpy and rough, and I don't stand a chance of having a clean house with all this dirt around.  Our cars are filthy.  You should have seen the valet attendant's expression when we drove up to the fancy hotel in Atlanta.  I think the guy considered using a paper towel to touch the door handle to open it.

So, no, in a lot of ways, this is not an advantage, however, if we didn't live down the dirt road, we would have no chance of seeing this:

Not one but two topless boys on a moped.

That's funny enough to make it all worthwhile.

These have faded now, but the wildflowers were amazing!  There were yellow, white, purple and pink flowers everywhere along the sides of the roads.  They were breathtakingly beautiful.  My family is glad they are gone, because I have stopped talking about them.  (Well, I guess, really I haven't.  I'm telling you about them, aren't I?)

I picked some flowers and brought them home when my mother was visiting.  She said, "Those are pretty, but you know you get chiggers from wildflowers, right?"  Well, at least now I have something to remember them by.

I found this photo on my phone and thought I'd share it.  It has nothing to do with High Springs, but don't you feel happier just looking at it?  I know I do.

High Springs has this steeple.  It makes me happy.  Actually, more accurately, the bells that play from this church make me happy.

Just about every time I go to Winn Dixie (which doesn't make me happy...I miss Publix!), the bells are ringing.  They play church hymns, and the sound of it just gives this town such a homey feeling.  I love to hear the bells.

And aren't you impressed by my artistic photography of this steeple?  Just sayin'...

I love the deer.  Even if someone (eh-hem, you know who you are...) blocked my view of them with a big white sign, I still love the deer.

They are hard to photograph.  Can you see them?  It's a mama and two babies, and I see them just about daily.

So, don't cry for me, Argentina!  I really am loving living here.  I just have an occasional outburst, but I will tell you that I have cried less here than I did in Brandon.  I'm doing just fine.  I'm just gonna go to town and find me some of them newfangled friends, and life will be perfect!  Until then, I'll just continue to talk to the deer.  They are very good listeners.  -Al


12/04/2016 10:50am

You shared such a nice and some funny things its our possession that how we think may be positive or negative both are depend on us. Some think positive and some not. But the think point of your its really good and impressive as you like the deer as much as I like it so you think is naturally.


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