I used to love to make cards by using rubber stamps.  No, actually, I still love to make cards with rubber stamps.  I just don’t have time any more.  I still have the stamps.  Well, most of them anyway – I sold some back in the day.  I’m sure my stamp pads are dried up.  The glue sticks are like rubber now instead of glue.  (Does that mean they would bounce off me and stick to you?  Sorry, bad joke.  You probably didn’t even get it.  If you did, you're as weird as I am.  Congratulations.)

Now, not only do I not have time to make cards, I don’t even have time to write cards.  Instead, I’ve started using this really cool service called “Send Out Cards.”  You choose the card, type want you want it to say and enter the address.  The company prints the card and mails it for you.  It’s amazing.  If you want to check it out, go HERE.  A friend of mine is involved in this company, and he makes a profit on the cards that we buy through his link.

For years, I tried to encourage my kids to make homemade cards for people.  Neither of them really got into it much.  The Beetle would half-way color something and stamp his name.  He wouldn’t even write his own name, so I resorted to a stamp.  The Goose would humor me for a while.  She would half-heartedly stamp something on a paper.  Sometimes, she would stamp a lot of somethings on a paper.  It would end up looking like the stamp pad threw up on the card.  I didn’t tell her that, though, because I still had hope that she would want to stamp with me someday.

Several years later, the Goose started wanting to stamp with me.  However, by that point, I did not have time for stamping.  She would talk me into getting the stuff out, and we would get started.  She would talk me to death as I was trying to figure out what to stamp, and in the back of my mind, I would be thinking of the 100 things I had to do before I could sleep.  Then, after the Goose made one and a half cards, she would leave to go on to something else.  I would be left with the mess to clean up.  I would end up fussing at her to come help me, and begrudgingly, she would come sort-of clean the stamps and put them up.  (Yes, you have to clean rubber stamps.  If you don’t, the ink colors get all mixed.  I’m not crazy.  This is a known fact in the stamping world.)

After about 6 months of the Goose begging me to stamp with her and me really not wanting to, followed by me fussing at her to clean up, she gave up.  She quit asking me to stamp, and she quit making cards.  I was afraid I had ruined her desire to be creative.

Then, yesterday, the magic returned.  We were at my parents’ house in our home town, and I had left the kids there.  When I came back, I found the Goose making cards, on her own, without my help.  I figured she was making a card for her cousin whose birthday party was this weekend, and I was right.  What I didn’t realize was that she was also making cards for other people just because.  Immediately, my heart was warmed!  She is my child after all! (In case there was any doubt.)

The Goose made cards for her friends who were starting school, just because.  She made a card for her grandmother, just because.  She made a card for me, just because.  I love it!  Now, I can live vicariously through her!

What really cracked me up was when she asked me, “Aren’t you going to take pictures of these cards?”  I asked her why I would take pictures of them, and she said, “So you can put them on your blog.”  I laughed and took the pictures.  Then, she said, “Do you want me to write directions on how to make the cards?”  Come to think of it, this may be a sign that I’ve made too many “How to” articles for hubpages.com lately!

So, here are the cards.  The Goose is the artist, thanks to her mother, who forced her to make cards when she was little.  Therefore, I’m taking the credit for the cards, because I’ll never manage to make any on my own.

She even "staged" the cards with props before taking the photos. She really is my child!


06/18/2016 5:53pm

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