The day I met you, I did not even know I wanted you. We had gone to the animal shelter for a different dog. We thought we wanted one who was a little bigger and more hearty, so it could survive our children. That dog was labeled, "No children," so I thought we were going home without a pet. Mr. Everything convinced me to at least look at other dogs, but I had no intention of taking one home. Then, there you were. Two little eyes looking at us from the back of the cage. You looked so scared, and you had the biggest ears. Mr. E pointed you out, and I said I didn't think so. I said, and I quote, "That is one of the ugliest dogs I have ever seen." (By the way, sorry about that.) Mr. E said we should at least give you a chance, so we asked the attendant to take you out of the cage. We took you to a nearby room where we could put you on the floor and get a good look at you. Then, I knew. You were mine. From the first moment we met you, you had the sweetest disposition. You were small enough, but you were big enough that the Beetle and the Goose wouldn't crush you. We decided to take you home. We thought we were doing you a favor. Little did we know how much you would do for us.

-You taught my children to love animals. Before you, they were afraid of baby ducks. (Baby ducks, for goodness sake.) They were a little timid with you at first, but you never growled, nipped or bit, and quickly, the Beetle and the Goose learned to trust you.

-You were my constant sidekick. The whole family thought you were our dog, but really, you were MY dog. I knew it. You knew it. You stayed by my side day and night for 13 1/2 years.

-You patiently endured the Goose. While she painted your toenails, spray painted you and even dressed you in baby clothes, you looked at me longingly, asking me to save you. Sometimes, I did. Sometimes, I didn't. But either way, you endured.

You survived the summer of the hurricanes with us.

You were there to comfort the Goose after she scraped her forehead so badly the skin had to be glued back together.

-You were there to comfort the Beetle when he had his tonsils removed.

-You gave the same comfort to the Goose when she had hers removed.

You were a quiet comforter for us all.

-You were there with us when we had to leave our home. (In fact, my furry friend, you were the last remaining piece of "home" I felt like I had left, and now that is gone. You will be sorely missed.)

-You were there for us when we moved.

-And moved again.

-And again.

-And again.

-And again.

-And....again. And regardless of where we were living, you were happy, as long as you could be with us.

-You were there to comfort us when we lost 2/3 of our income in a fire. You didn't even care that we were broke.

-You were there to comfort me and calm me when Mr. E had his face burned.
You tried to lick away the tears, though I really, really did not want you to do that. (Sorry. I've seen you eat poop.)

I could go on and on and still not name all the ways you have given to us. While we thought we were saving you, you saved us.

You were a true friend, when I sometimes felt like I had no others.

You made me feel accepted when I otherwise felt rejected.

I am so thankful you did not suffer, and I am also so glad I did not have to make a decision about when to let you go. You went naturally. Even your death was as low maintenance as you had been for all those years with us.

As I sat there and watched you take your last breath, I knew I would never find another dog lik
e you. Surely, I couldn't. You were weird. That's probably why you fit our family so well. There could never be another dog like you, that's for sure. You were my companion. You were my constant buddy. You were my Pepe Chihuahua.



Denise Little
08/21/2015 5:37pm

Oh Alison! I am so sorry that your sweet Pepe is gone. Your tribute to him has made me a blubbering crybaby because I know how that loss feels, and while I thought there was no way to explain it, you have done so most eloquently. Hugs, Denise

08/21/2015 10:03pm

So Sorry Alison for your loss I too am a blubbering mess at the moment after reading this. You have a way with words

08/22/2015 3:19am

So sorry for your loss, Alison. What a wonderful companion Pepe was! Thank you for your eloquent tribute as it reminded me how much my Oubouemydog and our Polymycat were an integral part of who we are.


Having pets are like we have been blessed by god to take care of such amazing creation in the world.Pets are not just a part of one's life but they become our life .You have described the very special feeling in this post and i can feel your sadness as i too had the experience with my special pet.


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