Service With Style is a great company to shop for.  I guess they are relatively small compared to some others, but that smaller size actually works to their benefit.  (Mystery shopping is only one part of their business, so they actually are not all that small.)  If you work for Service with Style, you will find very quickly that they are friendly and they get to know you.  They refer to their shoppers by first name and know many of them well.  This gives the shopping experience with them a very homey feeling, and it’s nice to be known when you call.

If you call the office, you are likely to reach Rhonda, Amy, Ellen or Taryn.  All four ladies are super-nice and will help you in any way they can.  You are not just a number when you work for this company.  It’s a refreshing change from some other companies that are not personalized.

Service With Style was started in 1998.  They are based in Brandon, Florida, and many of their shops are in the greater Tampa Bay area.  They also have shops throughout Florida and some in various parts of the country.  They offer casual dining, fine dining, retail, hotels and resorts. 

To sign up as a shopper with Service With Style, go to www.servicewithstyle.com.  Click on, “Become a shopper” and apply.  You can tell them you heard about them from notyouraverageal.com.  I won’t get anything for it, but maybe I’ll win some brownie points!  

You will need to fill out a shopper agreement with this company.  It’s basically a little “test” that you take after you’ve read their information.  Once you sign up, Amy will send you information about this agreement.  If there are shops in your area, you should hear from Amy pretty quickly after you apply.  If there aren’t, she may just save your name until they have work for you.

Shoppers at Service With Style are expected to submit quality reports with good comments.  Be prepared to use full sentences and punctuation when writing for them.  As you start out, you will see the easier shops available on their job board.  As you gain experience with them, you should start to see the nicer assignments (assuming you do a good job on your reports).  You will not be eligible for resorts and hotels until you have completed several quality reports for them.  If you ever wonder if your reports are good quality, it is okay to ask.  The ladies in the office can give you feedback on improvements you can make on your reports.  If you want feedback from the editors, you can request that too by asking Amy or Rhonda.  They can pass a message on to the editors that you would like constructive criticism.

One down side to this company is the fact that they do not pay quickly.  Their shopper payments average about 60 days.  For instance, if you did a shop in December for them, you could expect to be paid around February 15.  A lot of companies work this way, but I thought I would warn you.  Sometimes, especially when paying for fine dining, hotels and resorts, it is hard to wait that long for reimbursement.  The good news, though, is that they are reliable about payments.  You don’t have to wonder if they will try to not pay you, because they are honest and trustworthy.  It might take a while, but you will get your money.

I hope you will consider signing up with Service With Style.  I only found out about them about a year and a half ago.  I enjoy working for them, and I think you will too.  -Al



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