Another great company to work for is Shoppers' Critique.  They are based near Orlando, FL.  

I have worked for SC for many, many years.  I think they were one of the first companies I started shopping for, back in the day.  They have always been pleasant and friendly.  Their forms are easy to navigate, and their expectations of shoppers are reasonable and fair.   I have never had a problem getting paid by them, and they pay quickly.  They provide feedback to their shoppers on their website through a star system (5 stars means you did everything correctly).  

Shoppers' Critique shops mainly retail stores near me, but nationwide, they do automotive, retail, fine dining, casual dining, apartments, attractions, hotels, casinos, banks and libraries.  They offer video shops and lots of phone shops.  There are  many opportunities to work for this great company.  They have a job board on their website.  Once you are registered to shop for them, you can visit their job board and self-assign some shops and request others.  The scheduling system is easy to navigate.

To sign up as a  shopper with Shoppers' Critique, visit HERE.

Shoppers' Critique is also currently hiring editors, and I have heard they are great to work for.  To be eligible, you must live in Florida and be available a minimum of 20 hours a week.  To apply, go HERE.

They are also hiring schedulers.  To qualify, you must be available to work in their Longwood, FL office a minimum of 30 hours a week.  To apply, go HERE.

If you aren't registered as a shopper for Shoppers' Critique, you are missing out!  I love working for this friendly company who treats their shoppers well.  If you apply with them, be sure to tell them notyouraverageal sent you!



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