Mr. Everything

The man of my dreams and the father of my children. (I guess that makes him the baby daddy.)  I call him "Mr. Everything" because he can fix everything, can do everything and knows everything.  He isn't a know-it-all.  He's just really that smart.
The Beetle

I have no idea why he is called "The Beetle."  That's just his name.  He has been The Beetle since he was born.  He is my picky, finicky, tender-hearted gentle giant.

The Goose

When she was a baby, I would say, "The Beast is stirring," when she was waking up.  Her brother changed that to "The Goose," and The Goose was formed.  She is persistent, bold and frustrating, and I wouldn't trade her for anything.


    Call me crazy.  Call me weird.  Call me when supper is ready.   Just don't call me average.

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    October 2012


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