To my friends,

It seems like so many of you are going through hard times right now.  In life, there’s always a storm that's brewing.  So many of you are hurting, and I wish I could fix your hurts.  I can’t, but I can pray for you, and God will help.  He always does, whether you realize it or not.  He will help you weather the storm.

I want you to know that some good is coming from your hurts.  You might not know it, but it is.  You are serving as an example to your children, your family and your friends, like me.  You are an inspiration to me, and I wanted you to know.

This is to the one who is in a struggling marriage.  You have stood by your husband and offered him forgiveness though he didn’t deserve it.  You have been patient, but at the same time, you’ve done what was needed to protect your children and yourself.  By being a good mother and a good wife, you inspire me.

To the one who is struggling financially right now, you have held your head up high.  You haven’t even told most people how badly you are hurting.  You are wondering how you will pay for groceries next week or how you will keep your electricity on.  You have inspired me by not giving up and by keeping the faith.  God knows, and He will provide. You inspire me.

To the one who was hurt so badly by your church family.  You have kept a positive spirit, even in times of turmoil.  You have made the best of the situation, and you have looked positively at what the future has to hold.  You could have been bitter, but instead, you had faith and joy.  You inspire me.

To the one who is sitting by her child’s hospital bedside.  You have been there for him and given unfailing love.  You have not rested, and you have not complained because that’s what a mama does.  I pray that God will give you an energy and strength that only come through Him.  You inspire me.

To the one who is by her adult child’s side as he struggles physically.  Although he is a grown up and you could easily have said you were too busy to help, you dropped everything and were there for him.  You showed the world and me that a mother’s job is never done.  You have helped him with a smile on your face and without complaint or thought of your own needs.  You’ve made me want to be a better mother to my own kids.  You inspire me.

To the one who is by her husband’s side as he is grieving, my heart goes out to you.  You are a good wife, and you are there for your husband in any way he needs you to be.  You will drop everything to do whatever is needed for him or his family.  You inspire me.

To the one who has lost her husband and is grieving day by day.  You still pick yourself up and go on to be a good example to your kids and those around you.  You face life with a faith that God will heal your wounds.  You inspire me.

To the one who is living in pain every day.  You go about life without complaint.  Most people don’t know how much you are hurting physically, because you never say it.  The smile on your face hides how badly it hurts, and your joyous spirit is great camouflage.  You inspire me.

So many of you are hurting physically, spiritually and emotionally, but you encourage me and uplift me.  I am praying for all of you.  You know who you are, and you know that I love you.  I hope that, on dark days, knowing that you inspire others will help you keep going.     

                                                                                                                Much love, Al



03/27/2013 6:27pm

...and now I cry.....you inspire me...a LOT! You put yourself "out there" telling the good, bad and ugly...yet always funny....it helps me to keep life in perspective and remember I'm not an island. God gives us people we need when we need them. Thanks for being my friend! I love you!

02/18/2017 10:15pm

Pain is a true & unpleasant reality that everyone face daily. Pain is like a mask, which people wear because of pain. People hide themselves from the society. They don’t want to face friends, family or relatives. They feel that pain cannot come to an end. They have feelings of fear that something happened bad. It is true that God is the only one who will you weather the storm.

04/01/2013 7:56am

Aw! I love you too! Let's turn this into a hug-fest! :0)

05/06/2016 8:00am

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05/25/2016 7:54am

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05/11/2017 10:03am

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